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The Chachnamah  


Composed in Arabic and translated into Persian in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the Chachnama details the Arab conquest of the Sind (a province corresponding to northwest India and ... More

On India  


Abu Raihan is often known in the West by his westernized name, Alberuni. Early in life, Alberuni gained a reputation as a scholar, writer, and scientist, and served as an advisor for local ... More

“Rulings on Temporal Government”  


The Mughal emperor Akbar ruled northern India, including large parts of present-day Pakistan and Bangladesh, from 1556 to 1605,and he is generally considered one of the greatest rulers of ... More

“Three Poems of Shame”  

P’i Jih-hsiu

Because there are very few sources of information on the history of Vietnam before the Li dynasty (1010–1225), Chinese dynastic histories and Chinese poetry are indispensable sources. They ... More