Refine Your Results

How do I refine my Quick Search results?

When you do a Quick Search, you are running a full search of the entire Oxford First Source. It finds your term wherever it occurs in all chapters. This could be in the form of a figure caption, as part of a chapter's heading titles, or anywhere else in the full text of the book.

On the left of your results list, you will find features that will help you refine your results.



Narrow Your Choices


Here's how to refine your initial list of Quick search results:

1. Run a Quick Search on any term you are interested in, e.g., constitution.

2. On the left-hand side of your results list, you will find options to narrow your choices.

3. You can search for more than one term at once. Click + Add row to include an additional search term.

Between the input boxes are three options: And, Or and Not. These three terms are known as Boolean operators, and are used to connect and define the relationship between your search terms.


Once you have added your terms, click

4. You can also refine your results by filtering by US History and World History. Within each of these sections, you can filter by choosing a period, topic or region.

5. The results are displayed in the Results List.



To search for the term Constitution wherever it occurs in the full text of the library, type Constitution into the Search box and press Enter. A list of results is displayed. Click on any of the entries featured in the Results list to open it.